Media Tour 2019: Future of Verraise

*This page lists videos and articles based on play of an in-development build of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, and content in the final version is subject to change.*

Some of the most discussed points in the raiding community for Stormblood revolved around resurrecting other players in combat. With the addition of Red Mage, we saw a new leader in progression raiding due to it’s ability to raise other players with very little cost. For those who weren’t a fan of how resurrections currently work in the game, we did however get a taste of what SquareEnix can do with Baldesion Arsenal. So this prompted my next question for Yoshida:


To go further into PvE, a lot of players realize Verraise with Red Mages is extremely powerful, especially in progression when going into raids because you can raise very easily at very little cost. Do you think you will change that at some point? Because a lot of players enjoyed the restrictions with Baldesion Arsenal, where you couldn’t raise much, and so maybe for Savage or Ultimate would we see those sort of changes?

Yoshida responded in depth on the topic:


First and foremost we want to avoid a situation where we’re taking away something that you can do. We don’t want to potentially have a negative experience for our players to have something available and then have that taken away from them, or have them very restricted in using that skill. So with the Red Mage, just as a general characteristic of how to play Red Mage is that it’s very easy to grasp, very accessible, in terms of the control and it’s something that you can quickly pick up. And plus you do have your healing spells, you do have your raising spells. So that’s the sort of characteristic of the Red Mage and we want to avoid taking away from that characteristic of the Red Mage, that’s the first part of the reason.

In terms of adding restrictions to raising your party members, in terms of applying that to savage content is definitely a no go, we don’t have any plans of doing that. With Ultimate battles, it might depend on future plannings and how we approach future content of that series, but in an 8 person party we’re worried there’d be more backlash than anything else.

In any case, having a magic DPS, or caster, have the capability of raising your party members was something that was a topic of debate of course with the Summoner and Red Mage having that capability will allow for healers to let them handle the raising and it’s a very convenient way of sharing that responsibility but it also brings the issue of letting the caster handle raising your party members and then the healer would utilize the left over MP to make attacks. That was a point of debate we wanted to make sure to hash out because it could potentially be problematic. With the discussion that we had with the development team, there were ideas that were brought up for the casters raise capabilities to come at a larger cost, or have some sort of penalty upon it, but if we were to do that the healers would see it as a negative and that they don’t want your casters to raise party members with some weird debuff associated with it and so the debate continued on and we were questioning, so what exactly is the function of raising your party members? After a lot of debate and back and forth, we made the decision not to touch it at this point.

So there you have it. It’s unlikely we will see savage content with any sort of restricting on resurrecting other players. However, there is still the chance of course Ultimate fights may bring us some sort of throw back to the days of being knocked off Titan’s stage, without any hope of coming back.

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