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MogTalk: Episode 235 Digest – Entering the FFXIV Community

What is it like to enter the Final Fantasy XIV community as an established content creator? This digest follows MogTalk: Episode 235, featuring gaming personality JesseCox and World of Warcraft and variety streamer AnnieFuchsia as they join Frosty in discussing this topic. Annie has finished A Realm Reborn and is

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5.45 World Race Tracking

I’ll loosely be tracking the clear status of the new 48 man content. It can be found here –

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MogTalk: Episode 211 – The World Race

Guests: Sfia, Balana, & Oryza Mercury Discussion: As we inch closer to the world race, I bring on two raiders who will be participating as well as one of the players helping me organize the FFXIV World Race for Charity. We discuss the upcoming savage, the world race scene, and

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