Final Days of Feast

Will this be the last major Light Party Event for Feast? It does look like the last days are upon us. Something could change, but let’s party like it’s the end of the world!

You can sign up at any point throughout the series!

Team Signup – If you have a full team!
Solo Signup – If you need a team! (no guarantee a team will be available for you)

Event Type: Madness Tournament Series

Event Time: Fridays 6pm-9pm PDT


Description: Each week players will face off in a Best of One(if 8 teams) or Best of Three(if 4 teams), Double-Elim Tournament. There will be first place, second place, and the remaining top half of the teams will get “third place”. Top half of the teams will move forward “up a rank” in the tournament. If they were in a higher rank tournament, they would move down if they were in the bottom half. 

Start of Event: First two weeks will be “unranked tournaments”. Third week will be a “higher rank tournament”. As we move forward, depending on how many teams there are, depends on how many “ranks of tournaments” there are. Tournament will evolve depending on the number of participants.

Teams: Teams can be premade, formed on the day, or randomized before start for remaining players for the shy players. There is no guarantee you will get a team if you don’t have a team before the day of the event.

Ranking: Event will be ranked and listed on the MogTalk page, next to the World Race results. It will be separated into player and team rankings. Each tournament adds to a team’s/player’s rank. The ranking will go as follows:

  1. Highest “rank” medal
  2. Highest “placement” medal
  3. Most amount of highest ranked medals
  4. Most amount of overall medals
  5. Most tournaments played

(So the person with the most 1st place medals from the highest tier of tournament will be ranked #1. If two teams both have the highest ranked medal achievable, whoever has the most of them will be ranked higher. If they both have the same amount of high ranked medals, whoever has the most of the medals ranked below, and so on.)

Players will also each receive a “medal” for their tournament victories. For players to earn medals, they have to have played at least one match. Teams can be a total of 6 players. If a player that played before leaves a team and goes to another team, that team doesn’t “exist” anymore and will have to start over, but players will keep their medals. 

Rewards: No “rewards” are planned, but it’s for fun and to see who is the best of the best before Feast leaves us forever. Our last chance to prove who ruled Feast at the end. However, if the community comes together for rewards, we will provide them to the top 3 teams.


  1. No third party programs.
  2. No harassment.
  3. No win-trading or cheating of any kind.
  4. That really may be it?