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Frosty Holiday Points Method: Subs and Bits!

As a last push for the end of the year, we are doing a sponsor/sub/whatever-a-thon to end the year on a bang! So we created a ton of goals to meet to make Frosty do stupid (or painful) things. Points can be earned towards the goal by subbing, bits, purchasing merchandise, playing mobile games, or purchasing services from sponsors! Lasts until the end of 2023!

Every day there are recurring 5 goals that could be met to make Frosty do various activities:

Stream Goal Posts (each stream):
20 – Mentor Roulette
40 – Engage in a conversation with a stranger
60 – Read a Children’s Book to Twitch Chat
80 – Country Voice until chat votes to stop
100 – Karaoke: 1 song

There are also event wide goals if we hit milestones during the event:

Total Goalposts (overall):

100 – Play a horror game (Stream pick)
– UWU Clear
– Play a dating sim game (Stream safe)
– UCOB Clear
– Clear current tier on BLM
– Race Change and Glamour picked by chat 1 month
700 –
TEA Clear
800 – Play Elden Ring (blind)
1000 – DSR before Dawn Trail

To contribute points to the goals, any of the below will help assist!

Frosty Holiday Points Method: Play Games!

2 POINTS – Goal 1: Reach Headquarter Level 5 (20mins)
4 POINTS – Goal 2: Rally an attack on a zombie lair (30-40mins)
10 POINTS – Goal 3: Get a 5 star hero (7 days or in-game purchase)

Match-3 Puzzle meets Strategy! Solve the mysteries and build an impenetrable sanctuary. The future of humanity is in your hands.

Tip: Use your brain to defend your brain! Click here to download!

Frosty Holiday Points Method: Order Factor Meal Kits!

20 POINTS – Order and receive your 50% first box from Factor!

No prep, no mess! Factor cuts out stressful meal planning and extensive prepping, so meals come together in minutes—taking the guesswork out of what to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Factor even offers meals for those looking to follow Keto, Low Calorie, or Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyle.

Click here to order, use code “FACTORSE44842”!

Frosty Holiday Points Method: Subs and Bits!

Tier 1 Sub or 300 bits
2 POINTS – Tier 2 Sub
5 POINTS – Tier 3 Sub

All subs (whether gifted, prime, or recurring) will count towards the Holiday Points!

Frosty Holiday Points Method: Order MogTalk Merch!

3 POINTS – Order any item, no matter the price!

Coffee mugs, sweaters, beanies, blankets – there’s a ton of different items to choose from. Each purchase is priced to generate the exact same amount of support for the channel. Whether it’s a cup or hoodie. 

Click here to go to the store!

Frosty Holiday Points Method: Order Japanese Snacks!

7 POINTS – Order snack boxes, $5 off your first box

Tasty Japanese snacks delivered to your door! TokyoTreat focuses on unique and seasonal items from Japan, comes with ramen and sodas as well! SakuraCo focuses on local artisan snack makers and also comes with a unique tableware. Both are fantastic services!

To Order TokyoTreat Click here! Use Code “MogTalk”

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