Media Tour 2019: More Accurate Achievement Timestamps

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During the interview, I wanted to ask a question in regards to something that would make my life much easier. Some of you may be familiar with my record keeping antics during the release of new Savage and Ultimate content. There isn’t a very good ground for evidence outside of screenshots, timing of social media posts, and really generally a honor system for when someone clears the content. There are achievements, but it only tells you the day you earned it and not the time. Which of course matters when you are in a competition with other players. And while not all fights give achievements, having a more detailed timestamp of when it’s achieved for the fights that do would do wonders. And of course, in any other areas of the game where bragging rights are involved in content that many people can complete in the same day it’s released, it matters. So this prompted me to ask:


I work with the world race quite a bit, I talk with a lot of players, I follow it, I track it and that’s part of my role in the community. One thing I’m curious about, I know that the achievements, they all say “May 25th, 2019.” Could it say “May 25th, 2019 5:30pm?” Like a time?

During Yoshida’s answer, he definitely seemed to be thinking it over while responding with:


So it’s technically possible, but the clock is the server’s timestamp so it might not necessarily be truly accurate. It’s like, do we record it on a standardized world time? Based on how things are programmed, anything that requires processing of time, or any sort of clock mechanic into it, is delicate because if the clock is messed up it effects the program that processes displaying time so programmers are not keen on including it as part of their code, but it’s worth asking to see what they think about it so I will ask.

Fingers crossed for the next world race!

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